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Things To Check For and Take Care Of  Before Towing

Towing a motor vehicle may be routine for tow techs but all of them must remember that in each and every towing job things may go wrong if not done properly. There are things that must be checked before beginning towing operations and things to do in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Neglecting something may not only cause unnecessary delays but also damage to the towed vehicle and/or tow truck, not to mention the real risk of bodily harm or even death. After all, heavy forces are exerted on cables, rigging, tow truck and towed vehicle (especially while loading and unloading but also during the ride).
In this blog post we describe for you the main things a professional tow tech will do before they begin the actual tow.

Overall State of the Vehicle To Be Towed

Once a tow tech arrives at the scene they will take note of how the vehicle to be towed is parked (whether close to passing traffic, on sloping terrain, on muddy ground etc.). Then they will walk around the vehicle to see if there is anything which may get in the way. Especially with vehicles which were involved in car crashes it is very important to make sure that there is nothing which may pose a problem such as parts in contact with tires for instance, or broken bits which may detach and fall onto the road during the tow.

Tire Pressure
Tire pressure is very important when driving a vehicle, it is doubly important when towing one. Low tire pressure may make it hard to load and unload the vehicle increasing the strain on the tow truck, it’s rigging as well as the towed vehicle. Tires with too much pressure will reduce the friction between the towed vehicle’s tires and the tow truck’s flatbed, this, in extreme cases may cause the vehicle to slide right off or tip over the side during the ride. Correct tire pressure is important both for flatbed towing as well as with dolly towing.

Oil Leaks
It is very important to know about any oil leaks the vehicle to be towed has. Oil that leaks may cause unwanted lubrication increasing the risk of a vehicle slipping or not remaining firmly in place. It may be that the tow tech will not be able to stop the leak but they should nevertheless be aware of it so that they can take it into consideration.

Not Only Where But also When
Naturally the tow tech will not start making their way to the designated destination but it is important to remember that there is not only the question of where but also of when. If the vehicle to be towed is to be transported to an auto shop for instance it is essential that they be notified and that there will be someone waiting ETA is past their closing hour.