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Safety tips when you wait for the tow truck

If you find yourself struck in the middle of the road due to a mechanical trouble, flat tire, or a car accident, the best thing to do is to call a repair or towing company as soon as possible. Most of these companies are available round the clock to respond and help vehicle drivers get back on the road, but it usually takes time for them to arrive. For this reason, it is always necessary to perform certain precautionary measures while waiting for a tow truck to arrive and to keep you and your vehicle safe.

  • If it is possible to drive your car safely, place it away from the moving traffic or as far as the road’s shoulder. Do not let the car block other vehicles to prevent untoward accidents. Avoid parking the vehicle as well in an uphill or blind curve location. This will just put you at risk for accidents.
  • Once the vehicle is moved safely off the road, remember to put the hazard lights on to alert other vehicles. Cordon off the disabled car with reflective triangles or cones until the tow truck company arrives. If you do not have these tools inside the vehicle kit, just make sure to use the hazard lights and park the vehicle safely.
  • Gather all belongings inside the car including your valuable items, vehicle insurance, and other relevant documents. Prepare these things while the tow truck has not yet arrived. It is always better to secure everything in order to avoid delays in towing.
  • Stay inside the car after the outdoor safety measures are done and while you still wait for the towing company to arrive. If you have children with you, entertain them to stay inside the vehicle. Never let them go out unless necessary, to keep everyone safe from passing vehicles and other elements.
  • If you are being approached by a motorist or a bystander, be vigilant. As much as possible, stay inside the car, lock all the doors, and open the window a little to speak with them. Do not open it fully. Also, do not leave the vehicle or accept a ride from anyone, except the tow truck driver you call. An act of kindness from a stranger may be helpful but it is better to decline an offer to avoid potential problems.
  • Ask the technician of the towing company for their license and personal details. Do not forget to verify this information before you get out from the car and have it towed. Be careful in dealing with other towing companies that will try to offer their services while you wait for the towing technician you approach. Stick to the company you know and do not be enticed with other offers to minimize lurking the wrong one.
  • Verify the fees or charges that the towing company offers. Ask for a written estimate to ensure that you get a valid documentation guaranteeing the fixed prices of the service you will avail, in case disputes arise during the billing process.