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Heavy Duty Towing in San Jose by Flash Towing

Heavy duty towing is not something any tow tech or tow company should handle. As its name suggests heavy duty towing has to do with lifting and towing large, cumbersome,  heavy vehicles and so the forces involved demand expert handling.

At Flash Towing San Jose we have at our disposal not only the necessary rigs but also tow techs who are well trained and versed at heavy duty towing. If you need a large, heavy vehicle towed, an RV or mobile home, for example, our 24/7 dispatch is always on the ready to take your call and send over a heavy duty tow truck operated by a qualified, experienced, service-oriented tow tech.

Heavy Duty Towing Means Tremendous Forces

Heavy duty towing is called for in cases where the vehicle in need of towing is heavier and/or larger than ordinary sedans, station wagons or minivans. Such vehicles may be RVs, minibusses, mobile homes and trucks.

Due to the weight of the towed vehicles, it is easy to imagine just how immense the forces exerted during heavy duty towing are.

Professional Handling Ensures Safety

Towing a heavy vehicle demands using a tow truck powerful enough to both lift at least one end of the towed vehicle and then tow it along safely.
Light and medium duty tow trucks are just not up to the task, using an inappropriate rig for heavy duty towing means danger of damage to the towed vehicle, the tow truck and other vehicles in their vicinity. More Importantly, unprofessional handling of a heavy duty tow, even if an adequate rig is used, means a risk of bodily harm, even death.

Making it Look Easy

Heavy duty towing is anything but simple and straightforward. However, it may seem that way to you when you observe one of Flash Towing San Jose’s expert techs doing it. The only thing which may give away just how important it is to get everything right is the look of intense concentration our tech will have during some parts of the towing operation.
If you need a heavy, large vehicle towed from San Jose or its vicinity we are undoubtedly your best choice. Whether it’s an emergency or a planned tow, we will provide you with unparalleled service and all for an unbeatable price.

Among our towing services are:

  • Heavy duty towing
  • Light and medium duty towing
  • Local as well as long distance towing
  • Emergency towing
  • Dolly towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Motorcycle towing

Any other type of towing you may need.

We also provide comprehensive roadside assistance services.