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Battery Jump Start Service by Flash Towing San Jose

When we turn our car’s ignition key in order to start the engine several things happen, all of them have to do with electricity. As long as a car’s engine is off all electric power must come from the car’s battery. Therefore, a flat battery means trouble with getting the engine up and running. A battery jump start will almost always solve the problem.

Several reasons may lead to a flat battery situation, we may have left our headlights on while our car was parked (with engine turned off), a fault in the vehicle’s electric systems or maybe the battery itself is getting old. Whatever the reason the result is the same, the engine can no longer be started with the normal, simple turn of the ignition key.

Fast and Dependable Car Jump Starting

Most people know that it is possible to jump-start a manual shift vehicle by pushing it down the road, gaining enough momentum so that if we place it in second gear and release the clutch the engine will begin revolving, catch on and spring to life. It is impossible to do this with automatic shift vehicles.

Jump-starting vehicles with automatic transmission, as well as sticks shift without the need to exhaust ourselves pushing them, can be done using a battery jump start. Connecting alive, sufficiently charged battery allows us to then start the engine normally.

24/7 Professional Roadside Services

Most drivers have some idea of how to perform a battery jump start, some vehicles even have jumper cables stored somewhere in them. But performing a battery jump start may very well be best left to professionals. In modern cars, the battery poles are covered and some dismantling is needed to expose them, mistakes may very well lead to damaging electric systems in either or both vehicles involved.

At Flash Towing San Jose all our techs are well versed in performing battery jump starts. We are just a phone call away, our 24/7 dispatch ensures a fast response, our honest billing policy means competitive prices and no hidden costs. Our mission – To have you on your way as quickly as possible!

Battery jump starts are part of our comprehensive roadside assistance services which include:

  • Battery jump start
  • Flat tire change
  • Car lockout services
  • Gas filling
  • All types of towing services
  • Any other kind of roadside assistance you may need.