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A Tow Truck Driver’s Typical Day

The title of this blog post is misleading, there actually is no “typical day at work” so far as a tow tech is concerned. In this blog post we’ll give you a peek into the professional life of a tow truck driver, we’re sure you’ll find it interesting.

Tow truck drivers get to help motorists who’ve run into trouble. Many times they must work their magic under challenging conditions, working the machinery that allows they to load up heavy vehicles and then safely negotiate traffic with a loaded tow truck.

Always Ready To Help
Since towing services must be made available 24/7 tow techs who work for leading towing and roadside assistance services providers do not work nine to five but rather may find themselves on duty late at night, very early in the morning, on weekends, on holidays. It is essential that a tow truck driver be willing to share manning the more inconvenient shifts with fellow tow techs who work with them.

So, the a day in the life of a tow truck driver may actually begin at 2 am with a call to rush over and assist with removing a vehicle that was involved in a traffic accident. The tow tech must make sure they get all the relevant details from the dispatch and then make their way to the scene of the accident ASAP.
Once on spot the tow tech must position the tow truck just right, make sure no one that’s around is in any danger (for instance from being hit by passing by traffic), make sure drivers of passing vehicles are made aware of the obstruction well in advance and also take care that they themselves do not take unnecessary risks.
So far as accident removals are concerned loading up the damaged vehicle may not be a simple thing to accomplish, an experienced tow tech will go ahead and do it in a way that makes it look easy.

Once the first job is over a tow tech does not know how long it’ll be before they are sent off again. Sometimes they are informed of another driver that needs their assistance even before they’ve unloaded the first vehicle they towed.

The other tasks tow truck driver may find themselves assigned to do are towing a motorcycle, towing a heavy, cumbersome vehicle (such as a mobile home for instance), a long distance tow and many other types of towing. This variety makes a tow truck driver’s job interesting and challenging.

Tow techs spend their days helping others who are all sort of jams, people who’ve run into motoring related trouble and want to be able to get on with their schedules. Tow techs must be service oriented, they must know how to handle all sorts of situations not only in terms of what they need to do to get the actual towing job done but also with regards to interaction with the drivers of the vehicles in need of a tow.