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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Towing Company Before Ordering

When you need a tow and are on the phone talking to your towing company’s dispatch there are questions you should ask in order to ensure that they will provide you with the tow you need in a professional manner, quickly and for a reasonable price. In this blog post we’ve gathered for you ten questions which will help you get all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead and order the tow.

Describe the Circumstances and Make Sure They Can Carry Out the Tow
It is important to ensure that the towing company can provide you with the tow you need and so make sure to give them all the details, such as what kind of vehicle is involved, is it damaged in any way, are there any obstacles around it etc.

Do They Know Exactly Where You Are
Make sure they’ve understood exactly where you are and that they know how to contact you, they have the right phone number not only at the dispatch but have also given it to the tech that’s on the way.

What Method of Towing Will They Use
Unless there are circumstances calling for dolly towing it is best to tow flatbed so make sure they are going to use a flatbed tow truck and if not why.

How Soon Will They Arrive
Don’t settle for more than a 30 min ETA. Tell them that if they keep you waiting longer than promised you will cancel and call in another towing company.

How Much Will It Cost
Make sure the price is right and that there’s no chance of hidden costs.

Are They Licensed
Only use the service of fully licensed Towing services providers.

Are They Insured
It is very important to know you will be compensated in case something goes wrong.

How Long Will It take Them to Tow Your Vehicle to the Designated Destination
In order to get things moving again you need to know how long the whole towing operation will take. Some tow trucks are designed to tow more than one vehicle at a time, make sure they will be towing your vehicle directly to where you need it transported.

Will You Be Riding Along In the Tow Truck
You need to know if they are going to take you or if you need to call in a cab or make some other sort of arrangement for yourself.

When and How are You Going To Pay
Agree to pay only once the tow has been completed, make sure you have the amount in cash or that they can accept payment by credit card.

Once you’ve gathered all the information by asking all the right questions you will know if it is o.k. to go ahead and order the tow or if it’s better to look for another towing company which will get the job done better, faster and cheaper